B-Roll 010: Pseuda-fed

What’s that? An episode title containing three different puns?! You betcha. It’s our 10th episode blowout bonanza! This week the boys took some inspiration from the Coen Brothers and unearthed the Coen Brothers’ classic Pseuda-fed from the vaults. We all know the classic story: a federal agent gets his briefcase mixed up with that of a Mexican Cartel leader and must then juggle being embroiled in a meth dealing operation and being part of a love triangle with two fiery Spanish twins. It’s a Spanish Novella meets the Coen Brothers in all the right ways. There are also lots of briefcases. We honestly hope you like briefcases.
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Keywords: comedy, film, films, funny, hollywood, improv, improvisational, movie, movies, screenwriting, script, theatre


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