Genres, Plot Points and Tropes list v.2.0

So, as mentioned in the latest episode, we have updated the tropes list. We’ve done this as we ended up rolling the same things multiple times so we wanted to keep the list fresh for the next 10 or so episodes. The new list looks like this:


Roll for a Genre  

  1. Wild Card
  2. Comedy
  3. Thriller
  4. Western
  5. Horror
  6. Romantic comedy
  7. Exploitation
  8. Documentary
  9. Foreign
  10. Sci-fi
  11. Fantasy
  12. Tragedy
  13. Dark Comedy
  14. Oscar bait
  15. Mystery
  16. Police procedural
  17. Disaster movie
  18. Spanish melodrama
  19. Crime
  20. Drama


Roll for Tropes

1.Accidental discovery

2.Accidental marriage

3.Accidental Pervert

4.Opposites Attract 

5.Birthday suit surprise

6.Troublemaking new pet

7.The Bad guys are cops

8. Funny Foreigner      

9. Homoerotic subtext      

10.Breaking out the Boss


12.I am Legion                

13.Rashomon          Switching to other characters POV. Examines event from diff. perspective.

14. You all meet at the inn

15.Boomerang bigot     

16. Knight errant         

17. Awesomeness induced amnesia

18. Handicapped badass

19.Send in the Search Team

20.Come alone         


Roll for plot points

  1. Betrayed by a friend
  2. Falls in love
  3. Hatches revenge plot
  4. Job situation changes
  5. A twin or doppelganger complicates things
  6. Makes a new friend
  7. Someone close to character dies (Morgan Freeman if situation permits)
  8. Trouble with the law
  9. Mysterious Godlike stranger gives advice
  10. Finds a briefcase full of money
  11. An antagonist reveals themselves
  12. A mysterious illness
  13. Calls in a professional
  14. Becomes famous
  15. A long con revealed
  16. Paradigm shift ( everything the character knew turns out to be false)
  17. Confesses to someone/something
  18. Add Garey Busey
  19. Shyamylan it!
  20. Main character bestowed with a useful gift or power

Anything highlighted in blue is new and has been changed.

We also got sent in a brilliant poster by Reddit user svalencia89 for Memory Bank.



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